A Wonderful Review and What’s New.

Today has been a great day.

I woke up this morning and checked my emails while having breakfast.  What a wonderful surprise to get an email from a fan telling me how much she is enjoying the Undercity series.  Friends gif in response to great review.

These are the moments that keep a person publishing–not writing because I can’t seem to stop that, but publishing.

Publishing isn’t easy.  Often, an author spends a great deal of time editing and formatting their story, going over word after word many times in the hopes of making something someone will enjoy.  If the author is me, then they spend a great deal of time fixing problems over and over again because I have the cursed touch when it comes to computers.

It’s true.  When I go on Facebook, I have to type out my comments in Word and paste them over because when I type in Facebook, my sentences get erased four words in.  I lose files all the time even though I try to follow all the recommended ways of preventing this from happening.  One time, I started my computer and all the files on my desktop were gone, including the first chapter to a new story, which was going very well.

However, this all becomes worth it when someone tells you they loved your characters and story.  Such a review gives an author a boost and makes the hours seem like nothing.

And so, with all these mushy, good feelings from such an encouraging review, I am working on the final edit for Book 3 of the Undercity series.  It should be out for the end of January.  (fingers crossed)

In the works, is another book called ‘Taeowolf’, which is a fantasy filled with unique characters who go through lots of crap.  Aline and I are hoping to have this one out by March.

So, keep in touch, and thank you for all your support.  It is greatly appreciated.

Mischief and Magic by Kris MogerOh, and if you haven’t signed up for our mailing list, please do so and get your copy of ‘Mischief and Magic‘ – a short story collection, Free. My gift to you.  Thanks again, Kris

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