Taeowolf is Finally Published!

Taeowolf by Kris Moger It never fails. You put a release date on something, and fate has a different plan. Okay, maybe it’s just my inability to stay on track that gets in the way.

Either way, I finally did it. I finished Taeowolf.

What is Taeowolf, you ask?

Why, it’s the first novel in the all-new, all amazing Zentrin Series by me, Kris Moger. Yay! (insert cheers and dancing balloons here).

So, if you want to meet a mixed up bunch of awkward heroes, check out Taeowolf, and join Aiden Murphy, a college student who wasn’t really prepared for an adventure.

The Quick Passage of Time Sucks.

Ahhhhh! I swear I wanted to have this website done already. Why, oh why, did I ever touch it in the first place?  Seriously, I thought moving the website to somewhere else was a good idea. Ugh. Turned out to be a disaster. Then again, I also wanted to have Taeowolf done last year.

Now, it’s September already. Actually, September is almost over. Thanksgiving is almost here. After that is Halloween and, ahhh, Christmas. Didn’t we just have Christmas? I give up. I say we break all clocks and burn all calendars.

Okay, rant over. Deep breath and move on.

Taeowolf – still working on formatting. Should be finished by the end of the week.

That’s it. That’s all. May your days move slowly–except for Friday. Friday I’m winning the lottery and hiring someone to fix my website. Bye for now 🙂


PS. I send you this pic of Oscar and Tipper because it’s cute.

Join the Juliette Studios Launch Team

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As you may know, we authors wouldn’t be anywhere without our readers. In the life of an indie-author, (and big publishing authors) only one group of people matters – You, the reader.

Because of this, we decided to encourage our readers to be a part of our journey.  After all, it’s because of you that we get to write.  So, shouldn’t you get to be a part of the adventure?  Your encouragement and kind reviews keep us going, but, until now, we’ve never had a means of keeping track of all the wonderful things you’ve been saying about our work, which means we haven’t been able to thank you personally.

Now, we’ve come up with a solution.  Starting today, we are launching the Juliette Studios Launch Team. (We wanted to come up with a catchy an acronym, but The Amazing Team of Readers becomes TATOR – and that’s awkward…and brings to mind potatoes.)

Here’s the JS Launch Team deal:

Sign up below to join the Launch Team, and in return you’ll get:

  • Free advance preview copies of EVERYTHING we – including books and audiobooks.
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This is completely different to being part of our mailing list – you’ll be part of a select group of super-awesome readers. And, in addition to getting free copies of EVERYTHING we release before anyone else, you get to see exactly what impact your support has on the success of our work.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of, there’s only one caveat. Being part of the Launch Team means you’ll be asked to leave a review of the books you receive within a certain time period after receiving your copies (usually 1 – 2 weeks). As far as catches go, we hope that’s not too bad! So, if you’d like to be part of the team, just sign up below!




After you’ve signed up, you’ll be asked to confirm your email address and we’ll send you more details. As always, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us at juliettestudios@juliettestudios.com

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Thanks for all your hard work and support!

Kris Moger

The Beauty and Emptiness of Abandoned Places

I have an obsession with abandoned places.

There is an empty longing to them that resonates with me. They are forgotten, yet beautiful. They are also filled with unused potential, of futures unfulfilled. Mysterious memories haunt every corner and every abandoned item.

In my life, I have moved twenty-two times.  Those are twenty-two homes filled with little ghosts of my past.  Some of them are still standing–filled with new people making new memories.  Others have been torn down and replaced by new homes.  Everything moves on.

When I thought up the Undercity story, Nanowrimo was about to start, and I had no idea what I wanted to write. I was managing an art gallery in a mall at the time, and it was a Wednesday night. How do I know for certain it was a Wednesday night? That’s simple.

About six o’clock on a Wednesday night, the mall empties out and the place becomes a ghost town. The clerks are the ghosts, lingering by the cash desks and aimlessly dusting or tidying in the hopes of making time move faster. It doesn’t.

My boss used to say it was the bowling alley night because you could bowl down the halls and not hit a single person.

Therefore, it was a Wednesday night when the character of Teddy showed up in my imagination and told me his story. Through Teddy, I met Caden, Jolon, Henri, Cate, and many more characters that make up Undercity. It was their emptiness, their desperation amid the remains of a world long-gone that drove the story for me–the longing to live a better life and protect the ones you love.

Abandoned places, abandoned lives, the forgotten–they influence all of my stories.

What do you think?  Does the mystery of the neglected entice you?  Share what inspires you to create.  Thanks for reading. Kris


Supposed To–the Creative Person’s Curse?

I’m supposed to be writing.

Actually, according to the schedule I made, I’m supposed to be having breakfast right now, followed by exercise, meditation, and then the rest of the stuff I’m supposed to do in a day. Don’t get me wrong.  I think schedules are a good thing. They help keep a person on track, give you guidance when you don’t know what to do next, and help you feel a sense of accomplishment.

If you follow them.

I’m not so good at it.  That’s why I sometimes slide into the ‘supposed to’ thinking. That’s when the schedule becomes this nagging pest who won’t leave me alone and fills my subconscious with thoughts of failure and supposed to comments.

In certain personality profiles, I’m considered an open-ended person. In other words, I can’t make a decision to save my life and anything seems possible.  Even as I’m writing this blog, my brain is thinking of all the alternative topics I could be writing instead.

But, what I’m really supposed to be doing is working on my new book, ‘Taeowolf’, which is set to Taeowolf by Kris Mogercome out in March.  It’s a fantasy adventure I had completely written until I decided to drop another character into the middle of the story.  Now, I love this new character; she’s spunky and interesting, but really?  The story was done. I’m supposed to be doing the final edit.  Then again maybe not.

Maybe it’s important to have the schedule, but not get so tied to the plan that you don’t leave room for change. Perhaps, supposed to is as useless as living for the future or getting stuck in the past.  I don’t know.  After all of this, perhaps I’m just rambling to avoid the aching discipline of turning thoughts into words.

To some, writing is supposed to be easy…this magical stream of words spilling out onto the keyboard and creating amazing characters and intriguing worlds.  I’ve had moments like that, but more often than not it’s the agonizing journey of dragging a wounded body across a desert while an army of a hundred supposed to’s follow behind, swiping at my heels.

Oh, well, heave ho, and away we go.

How do you get rid of the ‘supposed to’s’?  I’m open to (almost) any advice.  Leave a note in the comments, thanks.

And don’t forget to pick up your Free copy of Down and Out from Amazon if you haven’t already done so.


May all your ‘supposed to’s’ leave you alone today.

Free, Free, Free, Free, Free…Life is Free and So are Books.

Well, sort of.  Maybe life is free after taxes.

However, there are lots of fantastic authors out there who give away free ebooks.

Why?  Well, for me it comes down to being an indie author.  There are many perks to being an indie author, but having a marketing machine behind your book isn’t one of them.  Neither is a large marketing budget.

Therefore, we must be ingenious when reaching out to readers. Free books are kind of like trying new products when you go to the supermarket only better because you get a whole book instead of a sample.

So, in this blog is a list of free ebooks for you to check out.  I haven’t read any of these (except my own, of course) yet, but have my next few weekends all planned out.  They are all Dystopian and Sci-fi in flavour and are ready for you to download today.  Who knows?  Your next new favourite author might be among them. Enjoy!


Down and Out By Kris MogerDown and Out – (Book 1 of the Undercity Series) by Kris Moger

(Yes, shameless self-promotion…mine’s first.)



51uHvP0u15L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Finished with Life: a Dystopian World Story (Unable to Die Science Fiction Series Book 1) by Scott Bartlett



51IAiNuaxVL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The McCall Initiative Episode 1.1: Deception by Lisa Nowak




51sD1eqi+xL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Miriya: A Genetic Engineering Science Fiction Thriller (Double Helix Women Book 1) by Jade Karrion



51Y9bGOdv6L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The Way of the Black Beast – A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy (The Malja Chronicles Book 1) by Stuart Jaffe



51e8BvusekL._SX355_BO1,204,203,200_Seeds of a New Birth: A Genetic Engineering Science Fiction Thriller (The Kindred Series Book 1) by Orrin Jason Bradford



51+K44mTCyL._SX333_BO1,204,203,200_Hard Vacuum by Simon Cantan




12695205_1699694523647332_719313033_oEchoes of Angels (Sins of Angels Book 1) by Matt Larkin




Know of any others?  Add them to the comments below. Oh, and I encourage you to recommend your favourites to others and/or take a moment to post a review.  Thanks for helping indie authors keep writing.

Book Reviews And A Whole Lot of Luck

Now available: The Undercity Series

I’ve been doing several book reviews these days.

Unfortunately, book reviews are not something I used to think about doing in the past.  When I have read a book or used a product, I may share my thoughts with a friend or in a casual conversation, but that’s about it.

These days, reviews–particularly book reviews–have become one of the most important parts of marketing success.  And the request for reviews or ‘how did we do’ surveys are everywhere, from retail stores who judge their employees’ performances by customer reviews to indie authors like me in their quest for book reviews in order to advertise their books.

This is how life works in the indie author world.

  • write book
  • edit
  • edit
  • edit until you can’t stand to read the dang thing one more time.
  • get cover
  • format book, which usually entails uploading it a hundred times until that little blip messing up the look goes away.
  • publish book
  • and now market…

Ugh.  Marketing.

Is it just me who thinks marketing is like slogging through a bog with a sack of ten cinderblocks strapped to your back?  Some days, I’d rather clean toilets: spray, scrub, swish and flush, and you’re done.

In the indie author world, one of the very first things you need is book reviews.  Why?  Well, here are some obvious and not so obvious reasons.

  1. People read good reviews or see lots of stars, they are willing to try a book
  2. People read bad reviews or few stars, they probably will stay away.
  3. Many advertisers require a certain number of book reviews to advertise a book.
  4. Many advertisers also require a certain number of stars.
  5. Those that don’t have any minimum requirements are still influenced by reviews and ratings.
  6. Amazon will not recommend a book unless it has at least 25 reviews.

In other words, book reviews allow an author to build their career.

Now, some people might suggest that a good book will automatically get reviews.  Well, speaking from my own personal experience this is not necessarily true.  I’ve read many books that I’ve loved and never once thought about giving a review.  I’ve also read many books that I’ve hated and not thought about giving a review either.

The main reason for this is simple. Aside from the fact that life is busy and filled with all kinds of details, I just never knew it was important. I never thought about the author behind the words trying to make the most of their creation and their career.

After all, I’m used to publishing companies and big name authors. In the grand history of books, the indie author is a relatively new beast now that the Internet is here.  Now, an author can self-publish and build their own career, but they still need help from readers to keep going.

So, if you read a book and enjoyed it, I encourage you to leave a review.  It doesn’t have to be a long book review.  Just a ‘this was pretty good’ and a star rating will do.  After all, no one can create in a vacuum.

Oh, and if you are looking for places to find some indie authors to check out, here are a few suggestions. Many of the books are free or on sale.

Know of any other sites that are great for finding books?  Drop a note and let me know.

Got a good book you’d recommend?  I’d love to hear about that too.

Spread the love, people.  Spread the love.


A Wonderful Review and What’s New.

Today has been a great day.

I woke up this morning and checked my emails while having breakfast.  What a wonderful surprise to get an email from a fan telling me how much she is enjoying the Undercity series.  Friends gif in response to great review.

These are the moments that keep a person publishing–not writing because I can’t seem to stop that, but publishing.

Publishing isn’t easy.  Often, an author spends a great deal of time editing and formatting their story, going over word after word many times in the hopes of making something someone will enjoy.  If the author is me, then they spend a great deal of time fixing problems over and over again because I have the cursed touch when it comes to computers.

It’s true.  When I go on Facebook, I have to type out my comments in Word and paste them over because when I type in Facebook, my sentences get erased four words in.  I lose files all the time even though I try to follow all the recommended ways of preventing this from happening.  One time, I started my computer and all the files on my desktop were gone, including the first chapter to a new story, which was going very well.

However, this all becomes worth it when someone tells you they loved your characters and story.  Such a review gives an author a boost and makes the hours seem like nothing.

And so, with all these mushy, good feelings from such an encouraging review, I am working on the final edit for Book 3 of the Undercity series.  It should be out for the end of January.  (fingers crossed)

In the works, is another book called ‘Taeowolf’, which is a fantasy filled with unique characters who go through lots of crap.  Aline and I are hoping to have this one out by March.

So, keep in touch, and thank you for all your support.  It is greatly appreciated.

Mischief and Magic by Kris MogerOh, and if you haven’t signed up for our mailing list, please do so and get your copy of ‘Mischief and Magic‘ – a short story collection, Free. My gift to you.  Thanks again, Kris

Sims and Real Life

Why can’t life be like playing Sims?

It’s Monday morning and I’m all ready to work.  Well, sort of.  My feet are cold, so I grabbed a blanket to wrap them in and proceeded to knock my glasses off the couch and hit my nose with my computer. I would love to explain how I did this, but the physics are beyond me.

I took most of the weekend off this week, which was not easy for me because I’m horrible at taking time off.  When I do take the time to relax, I usually read, work puzzles, go for walks, and play Sims.

Sims is a great game if you don’t want to do anything too strenuous.  Aside from building houses, my favourite part of Sims is it’s like real life only you get to start over if it isn’t going well.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Though it’s a useless endeavour, I sometimes indulge in re-writing my past.  Imagine if I had understood then what I know now, how differently I would have played the game of life.  It’s a silly game that doesn’t really help anything.

However, in Sims, I get to go back and start again.  I can just create a new character, or a new house, or cheat (shhh, don’t tell anyone). I love the motherlode cheat.  Instant 50, 000 dollars!  Yay!

I am slowly beginning to believe that every day is a new start in this real, physical life.  In truth, every moment, every second is a new start.  Yes, I know this, but that knowledge doesn’t always stop me from sliding into the ‘if only’ pit.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if life was more like a video game?  Ah, you failed at that level.  Here you go; here’s a new life.  Try again.  This time, let’s apply what we’ve learned and go around the lava pit instead of trying to jump over it.  (No lava pits in Sims.  Just hunger, bathrooms, love, and death.)

My if only’s?

  • if only I had believed in myself
  • if only I took more chances
  • if only I did what I wanted instead of what I thought everyone else wanted me to do.

Ahh, the list is longer than that, but who wants to dig through that sludge on a Monday morning?

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,

“To talk of *(other) things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–
And why the sea is boiling hot–
And whether pigs have wings.”

– The Walrus and The Carpenter by Lewis Carroll


Do you ever suffer from ‘if only’?  If so, what do you do to get out of it?  Let me know in the comments below.  I’m always looking for new ways to conquer the ‘if only’s’.

Thanks for reading.  Kris

* In the original poem, it’s many.