Work in Progress

Projected projects for 2016

If all goes well, here is a list of books set to release for 2016

Taeowolf – an anthropomorphic steampunk fantasy about a Wolvean college student who finds himself drawn down a path leading to a future he never expected.

Wishes – A collection of fantasy short stories illustrated by Aline Juliette.

Woven Threads In Spider’s Webs (Book 1 In the Woven Threads Series) – A fantasy filled with Elves, Giants, and a slew of other strange creatures. This is actually the very first story I ever wrote.  It ended up being a four book series, but when I hit the fourth book, I realized I had set it in the wrong time-period.  I put it aside for several years, but have always wanted to get back to it and finish the story.  I loved the characters I created and wanted to finish their story.  After all this time, I figured out all the issues and plan on finishing three of the books this year.

Threading the Past (Book 2 In the Woven Threads Series)

Tightening the Weave (Book 3 In the Woven Threads Series)


Well, that’s all for now.  If all goes well, all of these books will be out this year.  Wish me luck.  Now, I better go write.

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