The terms for the Kris Moger or Juliette Studios newsletter are simple.

     * We promise to keep our emails to a minimum - hopefully once a month, probably less.

     * We promise to say nice things and let you know how we are doing. 

     * We promise to listen to any concerns you may have.

     * We promise to keep any advertising to a minimum but we will share with you any new things or sales that come up.

     * We will share with you any cool stuff we find and would love to know what you think.

     * We promise to keep all your information in strictest confidence and not share it with anyone else.

     * We promise to send hugs and other good wishes to help brighten your day. 

     * In return, we ask you to keep any and all correspondence with us on friendly terms as we are easily crushed and will probably dwell on our mistakes for the rest of our lives. 

Thanks, Kris Moger

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